About Me

If you do not believe that there is a greater meaning to life then our everyday mundane existence, if you do not suspect that most of humanity has been asleep throughout the ages, if you are not overcome with a strange  yearning when you listen to music or are alone with Nature then this blog is not for you.

These are the experiences, voyages of a person in search of altered states of consciousness with the hope of finding a deeper meaning in life. I consider myself, for a want of a better word, a spiritual seeker. I have been reading books, listening to a few self-styled new-age Gurus, and have been doing some thinking of my own. I am not a junkie. I consider myself a normal person with a normal job and a family to look after. I had heard and read about people getting deep insights into great metaphysical truths while taking psychedelic drugs like LSD and psychotropic plants like cannabis. After a lot of initial hesitation I decided to try cannabis. There is no set pattern of when I take it. I take it orally as bhang, once or twice in a year. Often the gap is longer than that. So some of my experiences and thoughts in this blog are not just the ones which I get when high on Cannabis. I also practice meditation and am presently involved in the translation of devotional poetry of Bhakti and Sufi saints into English. I take cannabis to re-discover myself.

You may contact me at : shivahaoma@gmail.com


  1. Marijuana impairs the lungs and cells, especially white blood cells and spermatozoa. Accelerates the pulse. Lowers the defenses. It damages the throat (pharyngitis, cough).

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