Sikkim, Himalayan state of India

Sikkim, Himalayan state of India

This is my third post related to my research into cultivation, medicinal value and spiritual insights regarding C. ruderalis. Now most of the information on the internet says that C.ruderalis has hardly any medicinal or psychoactive value compared to C. sativa and C.indca. My experience is  to the contrary. Of course we also need to take into consideration the fact that this might be a variant/hybrid of C.ruderalis (please read my previous post under Cannabis Cultivation – II). Following are the insights I gained while high on C. ruderalis:

You need to bear in mind that I took Cannabis after a break of several months. Within an hour I got a physiological hit – drowsiness and burning of eyes; followed by a cerebral hit. The difference this time, compared to my earlier trips (which were on Bhang obtained from the market, so I’m not sure which species of Cannabis that was, probably a mixture of sativa and indica with some adulterants), was initially there was extreme drowsiness and I feared that I may fall asleep, however my mind cleared after some time.

  • There are two personalities within us,  which we can call – the lower self and the higher self. The lower is more in touch with our sub-conscious fears and desires as compared to the higher, which only encounters them in our dreams. Under normal conditions this lower personality is suppressed/dormant. Under the influence of Cannabis it awakens and it also becomes receptive to the lower self of others. We can sense the subconscious fears of others.
  • We all have multiple selves, as I have reported in my earlier trip reports. We become more aware of these multiple selves withing us under Cannabis.
  • Present-moment awareness will make us more conscious of these multiple personalities under normal state.
  • I became more conscious/sensitive to the ‘beingness‘ of inanimate objects around me. As if they were ‘almost alive’.
  • The play of light and shadows near dusk time created an intense feeling of melancholy, and something else, which is difficult to describe. As if a part of me always exists in a parallel world/dimension. Is this the my subconscious world or some other dimension of my consciousness….?

Some of the above points may have an overlap with my earlier trip reports.

This state of mind, which I call ‘the inspired state’ lasted for a shorter time. This could be due to the fact that I had taken a smaller dose of bhang, and also because of the species of Cannabis was ruderalis.