Back after a longish break

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA As I have already mentioned before that psychotropic drugs are not a one way ticket to enlightenment. They are like seeds that need to be sown in a fertile field. Human mind is like a barren field and needs to be ploughed and cleansed of impurities constantly, before  it can yield a crop. It needs to be fertilized with pure and positive thoughts and intentions. Otherwise our minds will get trapped in weeds: self- created visions and illusions surfacing from the subconscious. I stopped experimenting with Cannabis because I felt that I had reached a plateau. The graph was no longer rising. The field needed to be ploughed and cleansed before I resumed my experiments.

Meanwhile I have been doing some research and noting down my own experiences in the twilight zone of parapsychology. These are some of the experiences I have had and continue to have  on and off since I reached the age of thirty and much before my experiments with Cannabis. I shall be posting them on this blog.

 I have also come to the conclusion that you need to have a certain amount of inborn/dormant sensitivity to the world within and around you, before a psychotropic drug can give you further insight into both the worlds.


  1. Just chanced upon your site. Have only delved into a bit, but it resonates strongly w me. I have a background in both TCM & Western Medicine, as well as searching for health secrets for now more than 40 years. Spiritually, have experienced Judaism, Christian Science, Taoism, Hinduism, Edgar Cayce, Plato, Homer, & others. The quest is ongoing for me. Thanks for putting this up on the internet & best wishes for you on your quest.

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