Notes on a minor ‘trip’

The Calotropis plant is believed to be the source of Soma or  the   nectar of the Gods in Hinduism

I have had three trips since my last post.  The first two appeared to be not very significant or revealing  and I had slowly sunk back into the normal semi-comatose business of living.  Another reason for this long gap is that I had run short of supplies.  However I finally managed to get some supplies and had my third trip on 1st August 2012 i.e. on the eve of  full moon of Hindu the month of Shraavan, which turned out to be quite significant. But first a brief report of my earlier trip.

 Cannabis experience on 15th April 2012

 Cannabis has the power of healing minor ailments instantly:

I was showing symptoms of the onset of a bad cold and cough. However after having taken Bhang, I was completely free of the symptoms by the next day. It was almost like a miracle !!  I later came across several references on the internet claiming the same. One of them is given below:

Does Cannabis improve eyesight?

I have noticed that when on high, I do not need my reading glasses to write down my notes. I experience a tunnel vision when writing something, but am able to focus on a narrow area of my page in order to write. It’s as if a spot light is falling on a very narrow area while the immediate surrounding areas of the page are a blur. This effect, however, lasts as long as the high lasts.

I came across some references on the internet about some people claiming that Cannabis improves night vision.

 True inspired thoughts/concepts have to come spontaneously:

I realised that there are various categories of thoughts/concepts that dawn/surface in your mind while on Cannabis:

  • Hidden/suppressed fears
  • Actual premonitions
  • Knowledge through direct apprehension

One needs to have the wisdom to distinguish among the three. The trick to avoid the first category is not to expect/wait for thoughts to come…to just be…..which may not be as simple as it sounds !!

Reaffirming my own existence:

This is something that I have often experienced in everyday consciousness – the ‘isness’ of things. Whenever I visit a new place, house, hotel  etc. all the things around me trees, plants, rocks, table, bed, chair, tap etc. would seem almost alive…as if on the verge of saying something…..However this feeling/awareness would begin to ebb the longer I stayed in a new place. It is as if you get desensitised to the things around you as they become more and more familiar.

When on Cannabis, this feeling is heightened even in familiar surroundings. However unlike the recorded experiences of Carl Sagan and Aldous Huxley under LSD/mescalin, I could not perceive the amazing colours and patterns in things around me. On the other hand they seem to reflect back my own state of mind/consciousness. …it felt as if they were affirming my existence by their own existence….I existed because my perception of them existed…..

Dealing with problems by understanding and acceptance:

Most of our problems solve themselves out by our objective understanding of them and complete acceptance of them.

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