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A seal, believed to depict Lord Shiva, found at Indus Valley Civilization site

….continued from previous two posts

Lord Shiva is believed to be the Lord of Destruction (destroyer of ignorance ?) and the Lord of the Underworld. His abode is Mt. Kailash which is a part of the great Himalayas.

The Master will come when the Disciple is ready

It dawned on me that the above saying was not to be taken literally. Under Cannabis, you become receptive to ‘higher truths’ and insights and this higher/divine knowledge is the Guru or the Master that comes when you are ready. The Master may not necessarily be a person. You become your own master/guru in a ‘high’ state. Evil is not an external entity, it is your own  ignorance. The message of the Sufis came to my mind – ‘you stand between yourself and God’. Here God means enlightenment, you implies your ignorance. The words and spiritual compositions of great seers and sages were written in a similar state of high which they achieved through non-chemical means. Taking of such psychotropic plants is perhaps a short-cut, and that is the reason why its effects are short-lived.

Key-hole view of Enlightenment

My direct comprehension of concepts/phenomenon was always in a visual form. However the edges/margins of the visual were always hazy. I felt that I was getting a mere key-hole experience/revelations. As if I was peeping through a hole in a doorway, and the doorway led to a beautiful mansion with multiple rooms and stories. Christians saints and sufis have often mentioned various stages/growth in spirituality and in order to reach the highest step of the ladder one has to be ready – purge/cleanse one’s lower self. Perhaps the reason why a lot of people who take Cannabis do not get a spiritual experience could be because their intentions are not proper or strong enough, as mentioned in one of my earlier posts and secondly because their lower self has not been cleansed of ignorance. Esoteric literature from all over the world give you various ways and techniques to cleanse your lower self.

 I am not a religious person i.e. I do not go to temples or perform regular worship or pray to a specific deity on a regular basis. However I do meditate and perform mantra jaap. However the overwhelming feeling that pervaded throughout all my recent trips was that I had been selected to be a part of some great Secret. I felt special. I felt Grace and blessings being bestowed on me, and the world appeared magical and bewildering. Perhaps this is how the world appears to a child before it is conditioned by the society !!

Cerebral Overdrive

This trip was intensely spiritual and cerebral. At one point I felt as if I could take in no more ‘knowledge’, and that my brain needed some rest. I also understood how knowledge could give you pure pleasure/bliss and bewilderment. This cerebral pleasure (I call it thus for the want of a better word) was like  a mental orgasm, as mentioned in one of my earlier posts.