Cannabis and Direct Understanding

I was sitting and gazing at a wall poster in my house. It consisted of a house with a front lawn on which some tables and chairs were arranged and there was a patch of vegetation/foliage in the background. Slowly I began to ‘see’ that the perspective was all wrong. The chairs and tables appeared to have been superimposed on the scene and the vegetation too did not appear to belong to the scene photographed and was apparently pasted on later. I had under ‘normal’ state looked at this poster a number of times and it appeared to be one whole picture, now I knew that it was a contrived assemblage.

When we pursue a spiritual path, our grey areas begin to segregate into black and white areas – our lower and higher selves begin to gather themselves as if preparing for the final battle – the dharma yudh of the Bhagavad Geeta. That is the reason why our peaks and pits/moral highs and lows become more acute and we often see a backlash of the negative energies/ black areas/lower self within us, this is when the angels within us fall. However with Grace and Will the angels can rise and triumph in the end.

In a trance/high the various attributes of our self/being/personality get separated/isolated into the  hungry self who begins to eat and savor food; the erotic self which can reach a new sexual high; the mental self who can grasp abstract concepts in an instant; the creative self capable of profound imagination; the angelic self who is able to directly apprehend  higher realities etc. The greater the high/deeper the trance the more individualized these selves become and in some cases they assume a form and a personality which some interpret it as ‘spirits of the other world’. Are these the spirits with whom the shamans communicate ?

One comment

  1. Great question…

    I think that angels, gods, spirit guides… these are all poetic metaphors for the universal forces of Nature, which we encounter within ourselves, depending upon our state of consciousness, our level of vibration.

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