Hurdles in Spiritual Growth

I often used to wonder why in certain families of generally very pleasant and spiritually advanced members, you find a ‘dark sheep’. I now know that the reason for this is that sometimes not so advanced souls are born around more advanced souls in order to aid/quicken their spiritual growth. The ‘not so advanced’ souls in return pose a hurdle/suffering/sacrifice for the advanced souls and teach them a lesson in tolerance, understanding and love.

When dealing with a negative/unpleasant situation/person I should not react or hit back, nor should I withdraw/recoil from such an unpleasant situation. On the contrary I should expand, open out and observe the situation with detachment like an audience watches a drama. When I show the attitude and willingness to deal with any thing and meet it head on, the problem shrinks and ceases to be seen as a problem. The problem/person appears more and more difficult to deal with the more I think/brood over it.

Our everyday/mundane life and the pursuit of worldly pleasures and achievement is like moving across a flat plane. No matter how much you achieve you will always be moving on a  flat plane. Whereas the pursuit of spiritual riches is like lifting yourself in the air or jumping and there is no limit to  how high you can jump, hover or fly. Enlightenment does not involve going somewhere or doing something, it is a state of mind/consciousness that I can reach from wherever I am standing on the flat plane or from whatever life-situation that I find myself ‘stuck’ in. Good and bad are the X and Y axis on life’s graph and spiritual growth involves growing/going into a completely new dimension which lies along the  Z axis.

One comment

  1. Hurdles, challenges, even pain and suffering, is all Grace to the true seeker of liberation – chances to grow, to expand, to evolve…

    Great post. Great blog! Peace ~ Ben

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