Weed and Human Relationships

As explained in my previous post, we all have a specific atmosphere inhabited by the phantoms of our dominant thoughts. Our higher self/soul (call it what you like) is like a crystal ball of light which is shrouded by these thought phantoms. Now in majority of us these thought phantoms are negative energies which react (not respond) with the world. However, beneath these dark shadows and mire our higher self is still present. So when you are nasty/angry with a person it is these negative entities reacting and these vibrate at a different frequency, lets call it lower frequency. In response the dark phantoms of anger and hate in the other person are aroused because they too vibrate at a ‘lower’ frequency. On the other hand if you are nice to a nasty person, his/her dark phantoms, depending on how thickly they have covered that persons’ higher self, will only stir and react mildly or not react at all.

All life is movement or vibration. Your specific vibrations (higher or lower) will arouses/ stimulate similar  vibrations in the other person. If you keep being nice to a nasty person, sooner or later your higer vibrations will pierce through the shroud of his/her negative thought phantoms and touch his/her higher self. That is why Christ said, if someone slaps you show the other cheek. Perhaps that is carrying it bit too far !! You don’t have to be too good, you cannot be. Just try to be pleasant and courteous to all. As I mentioned early try to be in an inspired state of mind. You will have to find your own way of doing it depending on your temperament or swabhaw and prakruti.

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