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The solution to all the problems in human relationship  is understanding. If we place ourselves in the other person’s shoes without any prejudice and pre-conceived notions, we can truly understand why that person behaves the way he/she behaves with us. True understanding gives rise to compassion and love. When you understand completely, there is nothing to forgive. The people you find most unpleasant and difficult to get along can become your ‘Gurus’ and make you understand the meaning of compassion for fellow humans.

In my last trip I almost felt as if I was ‘possessed’ by something. As if a higher/angelic version had descended in my consciousness. Is this the ‘guardian angel’ that some people talk about? Perhaps in a ‘normal’ state we loose our connection with our higher self or guardian angel. I felt truly blessed, as if a door had been opened to me. I promised myself to pursue the path that was being revealed to me by my higher self (?) with complete faith and sincerity.