Mental Orgasm II: Ability to read peoples attitude

I would like to mention, before I go on, that during the last three trips and especially the last one, just after consuming bhang, I made an earnest prayer to the Almighty to grant me inspiration. I strongly believe that our niyat(attitude cum intention) to the narcotic/pant and the what you expect out of it greatly influences the kind of trip that you end up having.

Another thing that struck me during these trips was that when I was in the ‘higher state’, it was as if my whole mental being was raised to a higher level, a kind of a ‘mental world’ or a ‘world of pure abstract thought’ which I was able to comprehend visually. It was almost as if some of these concepts were being conveyed/understood/grasped by my consciousness in geometric forms !! I could/can explain these concepts better through diagrams which I have made in my diary. The sad part was that once in a ‘normal’ state, my consciousness comes down by a level/degree and hence my recollection of these concepts takes place at a ‘lower’ level of understanding/comprehension. That could be the reason for my inability to convey these concepts in their true dimension to the reader.

In this state I was able to discern the attitude/state of mind of any person I was interacting with. It was almost ‘written’ on their face. It saddened me to note that most of us go about the world with a negative attitude/state of mind. The chemicals in this plant seem to raise the frequency of the molecules of my physical and emotional/mental body and I am able to access realms/dimensions of human psychology/consciousness which we are ignorant of in ‘normal’ consciousness. The physical symptoms such as a slight rise in my body temperature, heavy and deep breathing, throat constriction, etc. are a result of this – the physical body trying to cope up with this ‘raised’ level of awareness.

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  1. WooooooW!!! I thought I was the only person who felt this way. I am a pretty intuitive person by nature anyway and usually can read people. However, something about when I am under the influence of weed, I feel as though my mind is at ultimate peek performance. Its like as if I can read into their past hurts and why they act the way they do. Like I can see their poker face but I can see deeper than that to the core of what’s their. Some people sadden me at how sad inside they actually are. I have never actually asked anyone and tested if my thoughts are correct but the gut instinct says they are. Crazy!!!

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