Energy Leaks Plugged

Henceforth I shall be writing down in points whatever thoughts/concepts that I experienced during my trips and wherever possible try to elaborate or collaborate with what ever I may have read about them.

When one approaches a ‘high’, it is as if all the leaks through which we fritter away our vital energy and self-awareness (such as lust, indiscriminate desires and negative emotions) start getting plugged as the consciousness begins to gather itself and  fold inwards. I felt that I could use this reservoir of vital energy to channelize it in any directions that I wanted. I could use it to give wings to my imagination, or for sexual pleasure or to contemplate on higher realities of human existence.

 Gradually the entire ‘being’ rises to a higher level, as if my Being slides outside my physical body, it is connected but not one with it and this is why there is a feeling of ‘disconnect’ or dispassion. That is why I am able to observe myself from outside of myself, I become my own witness.

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