II Voyage – Imagination Overdrive

II Voyage – Imagination Overdrive


The second time was different. Physiological and physical symptoms were the same as before, but my mind/consciousness reacted differently. All the senses were became super-sensitive. Imagination went into an overdrive – I was looking at a blurred vision of lights shining through the palm fronds in the darkness of the night and slowly the hazy blobs of light began to take shape- limitless shapes and forms of sculptures of light…they looked like some deities in a temple, some feminine, others masculine, but they kept shifting….flowing from one form to another…..almost infinite. As long as I stood there staring at them they kept changing….had I stood there for eternity they would have taken on eternal number of forms….!! I never realized that the human mind was capable of such imagination!!

I then began staring at a window of a house. The window looked into a dimly lit room. My mind began to sense different moods in the room, as it imagined how the inside of the room could look…again infinite shapes and infinite moods. In a normal state, quite a few people, when they enter a house or a room for the first time, they can sense a mood in the room/house. Atleast I can. Edgar Allan Poe once wrote in one of his short stories that there are combinations of simple natural objects which have the power of affecting our moods. But under the influence of Cannabis, the interior of the imagined room took up limitless combinations of things and shades thus invoking limitless moods…one after another…in me.

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