I Voyage: Hypnagogic Blitzkrieg

The first time I took Bhang orally (Cannabis) it took some time to take effect. I had it in the afternoon and it took effect little later after midnight. I woke up with a hypnagogic blitzkrieg. Under normal state I experience hypnagoia quite often, but under the influence of Cannabis, it was like a blitzkrieg ! In addition I could recollect and revisit my past hypnagogic images with greater clarity and detail.

Physically I felt my pulse beating faster, a slight rise in my body temperature. Eyelids felt a little heavy. Random thoughts, feelings, moods began to bombard me. I could revisit my memories with greater detail. In normal state, I also experience flashes of images related to people and places that I have not seen before. I am yet to figure out what these are. But under the influence of Cannabis, I could recollect these flashes with greater clarity and could also ‘feel’ or ‘sense’ the mood/ambiance of these images/flashes/scenes.

The feeling of physical pain and taste had been blunted, but I felt like eating and drinking what ever I could get my hands on. I could eat a lot of sweet and spicy stuff without the feeling of unease in my stomach. My appetite became insatiable.

Understanding the sequence of events, actions became almost impossible, there was short time memory loss. When I sat down to watch a movie, I had a hard time following the story line !! It seemed as if imagination was running wild at the cost of logic.

The effect lasted for upto nine hours or more.

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